With the jangling of keys on your enormous keychain, you’d probably make the world’s worst ninja. Chances are your coworkers can hear you approaching the building after you get out of your car. Besides the noise, the modern keychain is bulky, cumbersome, and in serious need of improvement. The KeyFlip is a smart little option for storing the mess of house keys you currently carry around. The aluminum or stainless steel KeyFlip holds four house/work keys and even doubles as a bottle opener (one more thing you can remove from your keychain). It’s a simple, no frills way to keep your keys in order and your jangling to a minimum.

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Spending a significant amount of money on a piece of jewelry is a dicey situation for most guys. Rings and bracelets and necklaces are cool, but is it really worth more than $50? We’re in the same boat as you. Before today, the only ring we could see spending a big chunk of change on to wear on our own hand (wedding rings don’t count, obviously) was one of those Courts and Hackett Skull Rings made popular by Keith Richards. And then we found “The Man Ring.” If Victorinox made a ring, it would be this titanium utility ring. Made of individual titanium plates held together with brass rivets, the titanium utility ring cleverly hides a comb, bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade and even a saw inside its 9mm wide confines. If it came in black, even Batman would wear one.

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MonkeyBait is on the lookout for savvy contributors and edgy writers who want to add to the expanse of testosterone filled bait for the common monkey (in other words, we want your brain on our pages). If you’ve been hanging around the Monkey for any length of time you know this blog is all about dudes and the stuff that puts a silly grin on their faces. Deodorant optional. So whatcha got?

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If you’re looking for a quality, outdoorsy, guy’s-guy type of gift, the Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit, which is made in the USA, will work great. These small, multi-use tool kit comes with pry bar, screwdrivers, precision tweezers, waterproof lighter and a titanium key ring. Our favorite tool has to be the waterproof lighter which is water and air tight, refillable with regular lighter fluid (not included), comes with a key chain attachment, stays lit until blown out, and is convertible to a waterproof pill carrier. Plus, all the tools weigh less than 2 ounces combined and come with a very light, very strong titanium split key ring. Also cool is how “the company that makes these keychain tools also supply goods to the U.S. Military, local police forces, firemen and serious survivalists”.

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How easy is it to fool the cops? You’re looking at the answer. This cooler disguised as a stump makes public consumption of alcohol a breeze plus it doubles as a seat so you can rest and enjoy a cold one.

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Finally, a wine rack that won’t clash with your decor. It’s a modular, fully-customizable rack system made of aluminum and premium wood veneers that you can put anywhere. It was created by 2012 ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer. Never thought we’d say this but the dude has a nice rack.

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Keep the Band-Aids and Advil, our preference for first aid treatment comes in a bottle. Or, in this case, a flask. The First Aid Flask proudly displays your desire to fight off pain with a little nip. We’d recommend keeping an actual first aid kit on hand (whiskey won’t help a ton if you remove your finger with a bandsaw), but for the normal wear and tear of everyday life, this the only help we need.

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