The largest Radio Control fly-in is currently underway in Woodruff, SC (Joe Nall 2012). As one would expect, the big guns of R/C are out in force. Desert Aircraft is always present and showing off their latest and greatest engine designs.

This week they managed to knock the entire community on it’s ear.

Even if you aren’t into R/C you have to admit, the engine above is DEAD sexy. This is DA’s first four-stroke and they have knocked it out of the park. It’s 250cc’s of pure, unadulterated MADE IN THE USA sexiness. No compromises.

Oh, and did we mention it’s SUPERCHARGED. Yeah. That.

It’s not available yet, but the owner of DA is committed to bringing it to market. Pricing will be exorbitant…but you get what you pay for. DA’s support is second to none. So click the link below and get some more information on the new 250FS from our friends at




Lest you think Radio Control Aircraft are toys…feast your eyes on this engine from Kolm in Germany. Still in prototype stages, the IL200 is a 3 cylinder, 200cc, four stroke powerhouse designed for large scale, high speed racers and warbirds.

It’ll cost north of $5000 when production begins (and when it comes stateside). If you want to express your inner air racer, there is simply no better powerplant to bolt up to your giant-scale warbird. Pony up some hard earned cash (probably ~$20,000) for a suitable airframe and electronics, put down a pre-order deposit (link for info below) and blow the minds of those who believe model aircraft are the purvey of little boys.

P.S. Here’s a video (turn up the volume):

And here is that link…because we know you want it.



Going fast on the street is a drug. It’s also a good way to end up in jail. Here’s a compromise.

The Traxxas XO-1 is a large scale (over 2 feet long) electric radio control car that is capable of 100mph OUT OF THE BOX. We said that right. This machine is fully capable – without modification – of 100mph. We recommend you don’t do this in your neighborhood, as these things tend to attract a crowd and this car will do damage to anything it hits.

There is a small caveat, as it requires an I-device to be connected to the radio to enable the 100mph speed. Still, most people have an ipod touch laying around these days (and if you don’t we think this vehicle is worth the added expense of a cheap Ipod touch) and as Ipod accessories go, this one pretty much takes the cake.

BUY NOW – $1098


We like cool airplanes. When you are done drooling over the latest and fastest fighter or the luxurious seating on the newest airliner, come over to MonkeyBait and check out what real men fly in the world of aviation.

The Carbon Cub SS is a completely re-engineered version of the venerable Piper Super Cub used by the bush pilots all over the world. The original Super Cub is a workhorse, connecting remote locations in places like Alaska, the African continent, and South America to the rest of the world. CubCrafters, know for their excellent restorations of older Super Cubs, has taken this knowledge and built the ultimate Cub with the Carbon Cub SS.

This airplane is designed under FAA’s Light Sport Aircraft rules, making a license to fly it easy to attain. It’s designed as a “go anywhere” airplane. Think of it as the ultimate off-road vehicle.



Arrive at your next food fight properly equipped with the Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter. Sporting a blue and red body and packing two 25 mini-marshmallow magazines, it’s ready to fire sugary satisfaction into the face of your enemies… even if they’re taking the mashed potato-on-a-spoon “dirty bomb” approach.

BUY NOW – $35