Spending a significant amount of money on a piece of jewelry is a dicey situation for most guys. Rings and bracelets and necklaces are cool, but is it really worth more than $50? We’re in the same boat as you. Before today, the only ring we could see spending a big chunk of change on to wear on our own hand (wedding rings don’t count, obviously) was one of those Courts and Hackett Skull Rings made popular by Keith Richards. And then we found “The Man Ring.” If Victorinox made a ring, it would be this titanium utility ring. Made of individual titanium plates held together with brass rivets, the titanium utility ring cleverly hides a comb, bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade and even a saw inside its 9mm wide confines. If it came in black, even Batman would wear one.

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I’ve carried SOG knives for years and next to my Benchmade it’s one of my favorites. I’m like most guys, a pocket knife is an essential everyday item, but if you’re in the dark without a flashlight, it won’t do you much good — unless it’s a SOG BladeLight Knife. Thanks to state-of-the-art switches and circuitry, it packs six LEDs into its GRN handle on either side of the blade, providing shadowless light for precise cuts. Oh, and it’s also waterproof, draws its power from AAA batteries, and can serve as a flashlight when the blade’s put away. Arriving in Q3 2012.

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Because those damn zombies aren’t going to kill themselves you’re gonna need some real stopping power to make mince meat of their skinny butts. Enter the 14+1 capacity KSG tactical pump shotgun. This baby sports of front tactical site, EOTech mangnifier behind an EOTech Zombie Stopper holosight, and a full 18 1/2 barrel buried in a 26.1-inch profile. This is a truly ambidextrous weapon that ejects the spent shells through a bottom ejection port.

So when all hell breaks loose and Zombies are clinging to you like tin foil on a chicken burrito… you now have a way to evict them.

GET IT – $880


A good pocket knife is invaluable, it goes wherever you go. Why not invest in something you will be proud to carry, for a long time? The blade is laminated Japanese white steel with a tsuchime (hand-hammered) finish, and we love the slim profile, made for the pocket.

Traditionally known as the Higonokami, the “Higo” knife has been produced by Miyamoto Manufacturing Co. since the late 1920s. This style knife was developed in 1894 by the hardware wholesaler Tasaburo Shigematsu, and the blacksmith Sadaharu Murakami, and soon after it quickly rose to great renown in Japan. Over 50 manufacturers were known to be making the Higonokami knives, but by the early 1960s popularity waned and many of them stopped production. Luckily the Miyamoto Manufacturing Co. has continued the Higo tradition employing original forging techniques.

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You may never find yourself disarming an anti-personel mine or a booby trapped car ignition, but we say why take the chance? The all-new 9 oz. Multiplier 600 from Gerber can aid you in the toughest situations that a post apocalyptic suburban life can throw your way. With a wire cutter, a razor sharp knife, a screwdriver and a beer opener, you’ll show those mutants zombies you’re a badass all while discreetly concealing it in a stealth black finish. Word.

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We love leaked photos of gear! This particular photo has been circulating the internet of a new Smith and Wesson compact pistol called the S&W M&P Shield. Rumors have it that the pistol will be a single staked frame, chambered in either 9mm or .40 S&W, and slightly bigger than some 9mm sub-compacts like the Ruger LC. Sources say this beauty will be unveiled sometime tomorrow.