With the jangling of keys on your enormous keychain, you’d probably make the world’s worst ninja. Chances are your coworkers can hear you approaching the building after you get out of your car. Besides the noise, the modern keychain is bulky, cumbersome, and in serious need of improvement. The KeyFlip is a smart little option for storing the mess of house keys you currently carry around. The aluminum or stainless steel KeyFlip holds four house/work keys and even doubles as a bottle opener (one more thing you can remove from your keychain). It’s a simple, no frills way to keep your keys in order and your jangling to a minimum.

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The Clip is kind of like a Swiss Army knife for your keys. It’s not actually Swiss or made for the military, but it’s compact and performs an impressive number of functions. It is a key chain that clips to your pocket or belt but the clip can also act as a wallet. It’ll open your beers and neatly wrap your headphone cord. It’s quietly talented.

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Why didn’t we think of this?

Invented by industrial design student, Jake Frey, NeoCover is a light switch cover powered by neodymium magnets. We’re not talking one or two keys here. The NeoCover is powerful enough to hold up to 27 keys. Hell, it’ll even hold your tools (as pictured above). It’s also safe to use with flash drives and other electronic products.

We give you props, Jake.

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